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Keep Your Trees Healthy With Expert Tree Trimming Services in Hartland, WI

The care that you give to your trees determines their strength, shape, and life. Our arborists at Arbor Pro, LLC, are here to help you have well-maintained and healthy trees.

We have quality tree trimming tools and equipment to prune your trees without damaging them. Our service is perfect for keeping them green and growing in the right direction. In addition, we'll remove diseased branches or any other parts that could become potential hazards. Making your trees look better has never been this easier!
When to Trim Your Trees?

There are many factors to consider before trimming your tree. For instance, we consider the tree’s susceptibility to disease, the surrounding landscaping, tree type, and more. However, there are certain species like Oak and Elm that must be pruned during the dormant winter months. During this season, your trees are less susceptible to insects and disease. In addition, the absence of leaves makes it easy to identify what we can remove from the tree.

Top Benefits of Tree Trimming
  • Improve your tree’s overall health
  • Ensure your trees grow up correctly
  • Reduce maintenance needs
  • Determine the tree’s shape and height
  • Improve your curb appeal
  • Reduce pests infestation
  • Protect your property
  • Remove dead, dying, or crossing/rubbing branches
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We’re proud of being one of the most trusted tree trimming companies in Hartland, WI, and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today and share your tree care needs. We’ll take all the precautions to protect your property and leave it spotless!

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