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Weak branches can be a danger for your property under the wrong circumstances. If you have a leaning tree, multiple trunks like Pecan, Elm, Live Oaks, or large canopy trees prone to vertical splitting, tree cabling is a good choice.

At Arbor Pro, LLC, we offer tree cabling and bracing services in Hartland, WI, and the surrounding areas. Over the years, we've helped countless property owners to save trees and properties by adding extra support and strength to weak or compromised trees.
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Well-maintained trees are prone to develop weaknesses that make breaking branches a strong possibility. To reshape the canopy and reduce the risk of a hazardous branch in the future, we introduce cabling to channel growing branches to safer angles. In addition, we do a professional installation of our cabling equipment to avoid affecting the appearance of your trees.

Give Your Trees Structural Support

Tree bracing is used to support a tree with weak or poor structure. With it, you can reduce stress damage on your tree from heavy foliage, the weight of ice or snow, and high winds. Our tree bracing kit is designed to avoid damage to your trees and reduce the risk of failure of weak branches. We can pick the bracing rods’ points and insert them to guide the tree’s growth when you opt for tree bracing.

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Whether you’re looking to prevent structural issues, restore a tree, or mitigate risks in your trees, tree cabling is an effective solution. Our arborists in Hartland, WI, will evaluate your tree’s situation and walk you through your available options. We’ll work around your schedule and will provide affordable tree service.

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